Your New Car: Tips For Test Driving A Vehicle

Isaiah Chambers

Test driving a vehicle is an integral part of shopping for a new or used vehicle. Whether you are looking for your car at a Ford dealer like Milo Peterson Ford Co or any other dealership, you need to know that you can meet the requirements to go on a drive and also that you know what to look for while you are taking the drive.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always test drive a vehicle prior to purchasing it to ensure that you like the way the vehicle feels and that it operates the way you want it to. Typically, you can identify problems with a vehicle while out on a drive and this is the time to mention any flaws or issues with the dealer.

Requirements to Test Drive a Vehicle

Most dealerships will require you to meet certain criteria before you can just take a vehicle out on the road for a spin. Often, you will find that each dealership has a different policy when it comes to the actual drive. Some dealerships do not let customers drive the vehicle and only allow the salesman to, while others allow customers to drive.

If you are allowed to drive the vehicle, you will usually need to furnish the following:

  • Driver's license
  • Proof of insurance

Things to Look for When Test Driving

Once you are in the driver's seat and on your way to the open road with the salesman, you want to make a mental note of the vehicle and how it operates.

For instance, when you go on your test drive, you should keep the music off to ensure that you are able to listen to the vehicle. You will be able to hear the engine run, transmission shift, and other components of the vehicle. If you hear something concerning, bring it up and don't hesitate to ask for the vehicle to be inspected.

Next, you want to make sure everything in the vehicle works. This is especially true of a used car. You should turn the radio on, turn the air conditioner on, test the windows, motors, and everything you can. If you notice anything that is not working, bring it up to the salesman and find out if the dealership is willing to fix the vehicle if you purchase it.

Lastly, make sure you look throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle to ensure that there are no cosmetic damages and if there are, whether or not they will be fixed prior to you driving the vehicle home.

Take Home Your New Car

Once you have test driven your vehicle and you are happy with it, you can negotiate a price, and purchase the vehicle. It is important that you always get everything in writing to ensure you are covered should something happen to the vehicle once you are on your way home.