Ride A Little Rough? It Might Be The Suspension

Isaiah Chambers

Your vehicle's suspension provides you with the nice, smooth ride you desire. Without it, you would be thrown all over the road. Not only is a bad suspension uncomfortable for you to ride in, but it can also tear up your vehicle along the way. To make sure you don't end up spending more money than you need to, here are a few of the warning signs signaling that your suspension needs to be serviced.

Your ride is horrible.

When you drive down the road, you don't want to be thrown all over the place. While a truck or large SUV is going to feel a little bit tighter and bouncier than if you were riding in a top-of-the-line luxury car, you still know when your ride is different from what it used to be. All vehicles are designed with their own unique suspension system. If you are used to a nice, smooth ride and all of a sudden you are getting jarred each time you hit a bump, you need to get your vehicle in for an inspection.

Your vehicle keeps taking nose dives.

Have you noticed that your vehicle seems to be diving toward the ground whenever you hit the brake pedal? This tends to happen quite frequently whenever your struts or shocks are bad. If there is no suspension left, your vehicle is going to dive toward the ground because there is nothing there to hold it up and keep it in place. It can also cause your vehicle to struggle with braking, making this a severe safety hazard to you and anyone around you. Shocks and struts are supposed to be durable enough to keep the vehicle firmly where it should be, not diving at the ground.

There is noticeable damage.

If you notice that the shocks or struts are leaking fluid or appear to be damaged, you need to have them looked at right away. Ignoring the signs of a leaking shock can end up causing additional damage to your vehicle and cost you far more in repairs than what you might think. Visible wear means that your shocks are on their last leg and need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Once the fluid starts leaking out, your vehicle won't have the stabilization it needs to give you a smooth, secure ride.

If you notice any of the above going on with your vehicle, you need to turn to a licensed mechanic for help. For suspension repair, contact a company such as Jones Automotive.