Keep Your Auto Fleet Running With Preventative Maintenance

Isaiah Chambers

If you are a business owner with a commercial vehicle fleet to manage, then you know that keeping your fleet running smoothly is critical to your success. A fleet of vehicles that are constantly breaking down will lead to expensive repairs and lower the profits of your business. This article examines one of the most important ways to ensure that your vehicles operate at peak efficiency: preventative maintenance. 


Make sure that you set up a checklist for all of the tasks that must be done on a regular basis to maintain the vehicles. This includes such things as changing the engine oil, checking the transmission oil, braking system, cooling system, tires, hoses, belts, electrical components and exhaust, among others. Also, make sure that tune-ups are performed on a regular basis.


The manufacturer for your vehicles will have a guide to the recommended intervals between maintenance tasks in the owner's manual for the vehicle. Keep in mind, however, that vehicles that are subject to heavy use typically need to be serviced at more regular intervals than those that are driven less often. This means that a commercial fleet such as yours may need to be serviced more often than the owner's manual recommends.  


One of the key components of any successful preventative maintenance program is driver involvement. Have each driver stay alert to any problems with his or her vehicle. Make certain that the driver knows that he is expected to report any malfunctions as soon as possible so that they can be repaired. One good idea in this regard is to institute a driver training program that teaches the vehicle operators what types of problems to look for when they inspect the vehicle before and after each trip.


Keeping accurate preventative maintenance records can be complicated, especially if you are managing a large fleet of vehicles. Fortunately, special software is available that will assist you with this task. These computerized systems make it much less likely that any necessary preventative maintenance tasks will be overlooked.  

Service Center  

If you do not employ in-house service technicians, then you must send your vehicle to a local service center. Make sure that the center you select uses certified technicians and has state of the art equipment.

Managing a commercial vehicle fleet is not easy, but doing the job well is an important part of keeping your business healthy. Follow these tips to ensure that your fleet operates efficiently and effectively. For more information, contact a professional like those at Parkway Wrecker Service.