A Quick Buyer's Guide To Travel Trailers

Isaiah Chambers

Investing in a good travel trailer can allow you to enjoy the open road at a moment's notice, and can make those road trips more affordable than staying in hotels. When you visit an RV showroom you may notice that there are several different types from which to choose. Don't assume they're all the same; consider this quick buyer's guide to travel trailers.

Class A, Class B, and Class C

Class A travel trailers are converted buses and are usually the largest of all trailers. They typically include a full bathroom and at least one separate sleeping room, and often have a trailer hitch for towing cars behind them. Class B models are the size of vans and will vary according to the amenities they offer inside. They're good for those who want something small and compact. Class C models are somewhat in between and may be the size of a panel truck; Class C models are easily recognizable by the ledge that sits over their cab. This is usually a sleeping bunk inside.

Fifth Wheel

A fifth wheel is a type of trailer that is designed to fit over the back of a pickup truck. This ledge that goes over the truck bed is usually a sleeping bunk, and note that the trailer cannot be towed by any other type of vehicle. It too will vary according to amenities inside, and will also vary according to its size.

Toy Haulers

A toy hauler is a trailer that is meant to haul an ATV, snowmobile, or other "toy" inside the trailer. The back panel of the trailer will open from top to bottom and act as a ramp for loading and unloading the toy. Inside the trailer, furniture may fold up and out of the way so the toy can be pulled inside, or the entire back of the trailer may be open, empty space. Many come with clamps inside the floor to keep the ATV or other toy in place during transit.

Park Models

A park model is somewhat deceptive because it's a trailer that is not really meant to be towed. A park model looks much like a mobile home and is meant to be placed in an RV park and left there permanently. They are very heavy but they offer the most comfort and feel most like a real home inside. They're a favorite choice for snowbirds, or those who travel to the tropics during the winter season. This is because putting them in one particular RV park can keep them safer throughout the year.

If you need more information about the differences between these RV models, talk to a company like Niel's RV for help.