• How An Auto Body Repair Shop "Straightens" Your Car Frame After A Collision

    If you have recently been in a car accident, but you thought your crunched car was beyond all repair, you might be surprised at how an auto body repair shop can make your car look new again. It may take some time and a lot of special tools, but almost all cars can be repaired after a collision. The only ones that cannot are cars that have been crunched into a cube or smashed completely flat.

  • 3 Signs That Your Semi Tire Might Blow

    As a truck driver, you know how dangerous a blowout can be. A blown tire can cause major damage to your truck or could cause serious injury or death for you or other people on the road, not to mention the need for semi truck repair. Therefore, it is very important to know the signs that something could happen to your tires. Luckily, if you look out for these signs and do something about it if you notice them, then you can help protect yourself, your truck, and other drivers.

  • Four Reasons To Bring Your Old Car To A Used Car Dealer

    If you have an old car that you need to get rid of, you usually have two options: sell your vehicle privately or bring your car in to a used car dealer. Whether you're trading in your vehicle or selling it outright, there are a few reasons why a used car dealership will likely give you the better deal.  1. You Don't Need to Worry About Scams What happens if someone gives you a bad check or simply drives off with your vehicle?

  • How To Keep Your Truck's Windshield Clean

    If you are like a lot of truck owners, you probably get tired of having to clean your windshield all the time. Luckily, there are ways that you can keep your truck's windshield clean without constant washing. This can help you keep your truck looking its best and can save you a lot of time and aggravation, especially if your truck is high off of the ground and if your windshield is difficult to reach.

  • When Will Insurance Not Pay For Your Auto Glass Replacement?

    The structural integrity of your windshield is vitally important -- your car's windshield is the only thing protecting you from debris, leaves, insects, and small chunks of gravel being hurtled into your face at 65 miles per hour. Most chips and cracks in your windshield can be repaired at a very low cost, although in most cases your auto insurance policy will cover the minimal cost of these repairs. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, and you may find yourself unexpectedly paying for certain expenses with your own funds.