• Before You Buy: Questions To Ask At The Tire Shop

    Tire purchase is something that any vehicle owner will have to do, sooner or later. Whether you are behind the wheel of a tiny economy car or a futuristic hovercraft, you need to make sure that you are getting the right tires for your vehicle. Ideally, you'll be able to get these tires for a good price while you're at it. While the tire shop employees are a great resource for tire buyers, they can help the most if you are well prepared with some specific questions.

  • Transmission Repair: 3 Common Myths Exposed

    The more you know about how your transmission works and the process that is used to diagnose problems with your transmission, the less likely you will be to pay for unnecessary repairs. That is why it is so important for you to take the time to separate fact from fiction before taking your vehicle in to be serviced by a local repair shop. Below you will find more information on three of the most common myths surrounding the repair of your transmission.

  • 3 Common Issues Mistaken For A Problematic Transmission

    If you really want to see fear in the eyes of an automobile owner all you really have to do is make them believe that the transmission of their vehicle is going bad. This is due to the fact that without a transmission, you basically have a fancy machine that looks pretty while it sits in the driveway. Because of the fact that most car owners are terrified of the idea of a bad transmission, they tend to get a little paranoid.

  • How To Replace A Window Wiper Motor On A 2003 Honda Accord

    Window wiper motors can take a beating during the winter. The motors have to constantly pull and push the wiper blades through ice and snow. The motors are also used a lot more during the winter as you drive through wet and slushy streets. The motors can wear out as they battle the winter conditions and will have to be replaced. Here is how you can replace a window wiper motor on a 2003 Honda Accord.

  • 5 Things To Do To Keep Your Car Running Well This Winter

    No matter what the age of your car is, or how many miles it has on it, winter weather can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Cold temperatures can affect the way a vehicle runs, so it is in your best interest to get a comprehensive auto service on your car to help prevent being left on the side of the road in freezing temperatures. Use the following tips to help your car run as smoothly as possible this winter: