What Can I Expect With Roadside Assistance?

Isaiah Chambers

Sometimes people are just too busy driving to stop for gas. Sometimes people want to see how far they can go with their old clunker on a spontaneous road trip. There are many reasons that the need for roadside assistance comes up. Overheating, flat tire, or minor accident are just a few more examples. Although no one gets roadside assistance included in their car insurance planning to have any of these things happen, as with all insurance, it is just in case. It is in those just-in-case instances where you find yourself thankful you have roadside assistance (or regretting that you don't).

What Assistance Is Available?

  • Did you make a wrong turn? Get lost in the dark? Or did you get into an accident? Thankfully, one perk is getting your car towed without extra hassle. You can be back on the road sooner than later
  • Is your battery dead? Get a free jump start to get you back on your way in no time.
  • Locked keys in the car? No problem. Roadside assistance can be there to unlock your car when somehow your keys ended up in the ignition instead of with you. Assistance is available 24 hours a day and can provide quick service when you need it most.
  • Got gasoline? If this time you cut it too close to empty, there is assistance to bring the gas to you. No more walking along the freeway with a red canister in the dead of winter.
  • Did you just get a flat tire? If the last time you changed a tire was when you were getting your drivers permit, you may want to call for roadside assistance. Emergencies such as this are a great reason to include roadside assistance in your insurance plan.

What Assistance Is Not Included?

Beware of fine print. There may be times when you get stuck in sticky situations where roadside assistance may not be able to help you out.

  • Location: There are some places that roadside assistance cannot reach you, such as in remote areas where bringing in a tow truck would be difficult. 
  • Parts and Repair: Extra parts and extra needed repairs to bring your vehicle up to par after an accident or other emergency situation will cost you additional.
  • Property Loss: This assistance does not recover lost or personal damage.

Whatever roadside assistance you may need, find a trusted company to provide you with quality care for you and your car.