3 Common Issues Mistaken For A Problematic Transmission

Isaiah Chambers

If you really want to see fear in the eyes of an automobile owner all you really have to do is make them believe that the transmission of their vehicle is going bad. This is due to the fact that without a transmission, you basically have a fancy machine that looks pretty while it sits in the driveway. Because of the fact that most car owners are terrified of the idea of a bad transmission, they tend to get a little paranoid. Here are three common engine problems that are frequently associated with a need for auto transmission repair.

Faulty or Missing Motor Mounts

With a high-powered motor and transmission working together to make your car propel down the highway, there can be a lot of jarring and movement. All of this movement and shifting would be a safety concern if it were not for motor mounts. Motor mounts (or engine mounts), which are located at various points according to the make and model of your vehicle, handle the brunt of movement offered up by the operational components of the car. If just one motor mount fails, it can make a huge difference in how your car feels when it shifts gears. To check for motor mount issues, consult your owner's manual to determine their location and do a visual inspection to look for signs of damage.

Plug Wires in Disrepair

The lug wires in your motor are designed to carry fire from the spark plugs to the fuel system where combustion takes place and power is generated. If you start to notice that you are experiencing sudden misses when traveling down the road, it can feel like the transmission is slipping when it tries to change gears. However, one of the first culprits you need to investigate is the plug wires. Obtain a wire testing kit at your local automotive store and check each plug wire for proper connection.

Clogged Fuel System

Of all of the operational components of the motor, the one that can feel the most like transmission problems when something goes wrong is the fuel system. Everything from clogged or leaky fuel lines to a stopped up filter can make it feel like the transmission is lagging when you shift from one gear to the next. A good test to determine the difference that is simple to do is to try and rev up the motor while you are in situated in park. If you are seeing a miss or lag, there is a good chance you have a problem with your fuel system and there is no need for transmission repair.

As scary as it is to think that there may be an issue with the transmission of your car, it is imperative you take the measures to properly diagnose any issue you suspect could be related. in many cases, early diagnosis and repair of faulty components can help prevent the untimely demise of the transmission.