Hidden Wheel Lift Tow Trucks Make Repossessions Go Smoother

Isaiah Chambers

A big part of any repo company is their tow truck. Since the company needs to haul away cars of those people who haven't paid their bills, they need to have a reliable tow truck. More than that, the company needs to have a truck that the driver can use to get the vehicle quickly. If it takes too long to grab the vehicle and haul it away, the owner of the car can come out and cause problems. To that end, a tow truck that works on repos needs to be quick, maneuverable, and easy to use. 

Hidden Wheel Lift Trucks

These tow trucks are very sneaky and can be very disarming. That's because it looks no different than any heavy duty pickup truck going down the road. These pickups have big diesel engines as well as double back tires. The heavy engines make it possible for them to haul an additional vehicle. The heavy duty frame of the truck means it can handle the additional stresses that accompany towing other vehicles. Instead of having a visible hook on the back, like a regular tow truck, one of these trucks has a hidden hook. The hook can either be hidden in the bed of the truck and unfold when needed, or it can be hidden under the truck itself, and extend out when it's time to haul away a car. With either of these solutions, the hook just extends under the repoed vehicle and clamps under the tires. The driver doesn't even have to leave the truck to get the car. Then the driver is able to drive safely away. When they are a safe distance away, the driver can then pull over to make sure that the car is safely secured. 

The biggest benefit to using a hidden lift truck is that the driver can go through and scout out the vehicle in question without tipping anyone off. The driver can even get out, or have a spotter get out, to check the VIN on the car quickly. A hidden wheel lift truck is also the best way to keep the driver and any assistant safe. Sometimes people who are getting their cars repoed will be very angry and can take that anger out on the tow truck drivers. A tow truck like this means that the driver is able to get themselves out of a dangerous situation quickly. 

Having a quick and maneuverable tow truck is important in the repossession business. A hidden wheel lift tow truck can be the right option here. Talk to people, such as those at Budget Towing Service, for more information.